Strategies & Tools

Your guide to proven programs that increase learner engagement.

Engagement & Behavior Support

Tools & Templates: Sample Student Trackers

This list of trackers were used by RISE schools who were looking to monitor and track progress of specific student behavioral engagement.

Increasing Cognitive Lift

These photos illustrate specific projects and materials schools used as part of their efforts to increase student engagement:

Teacher Development
Strong Objectives

Resources. This list of resources were used by schools in their efforts to write strong objectives and to push students to higher levels of cognitive lift:

Tools & Templates. These are sample templates used to get teachers thinking about their scope and sequence of their unit and ensure students are reaching the levels of thinking we want them to get to:

Competency Definitions & Frames. New Legacy Charter School worked to develop competencies that they wanted their students to reach. These are both academic and behavioral in nature to ensure that both teachers and students are clear about what they are expected to accomplish.

Cooperative Learning

Resources. These are example resources shared from schools who utilized the cooperative learning strategy in their schools:

Tools & Templates. Below are sample lesson plan and exit ticket templates created by a school implementing the cooperative learning strategy:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Resources. Resources from our schools working to incorporate Universal Design for Learning into their school’s model.

Tools & Templates. These tools were created by Animas High School, a project based learning school that was working to incorporate UDL practices:

Daring Classrooms

Using Brené Brown's research on vulnerability, courage and belonging to cultivate student engagement.

This Engagement Guidebook reviews lessons learned through the Increasing Diverse Learner Engagement & Achievement (IDLEA) Project.

Helpful Resources

Charter Schools in Action

Click on each image to view teachers utilizing engagement strategies in their classrooms.

Thomas McLaren School
Thomas McLaren School
Thomas McLaren School
Thomas McLaren School
Global Village Academy (Special Education)
Global Village Academy (Chinese Classroom)